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British Cycling and Sport England enabling wider participation in the annual Road Worlds for Seniors

Road Worlds for Seniors is supported by British Cycling and Sport England through a five-year partner agreement. “We are proud to be a key partner of Motitech’s cycling activity programme and the Road Worlds for Seniors”, adds Julie Harrington, British Cycling CEO.

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What we can achieve together

Motitech’s Road Worlds for Seniors is a unique championship. It allows older people and people with dementia to take part in a global sporting event - even though they might live in a long term care facility. The championship makes the cyclists become a part of something bigger; A global movement focusing on physical activity and reminiscence for people that are normally not able to take part in such initiatives.

For our cyclists, the Road Worlds for Seniors is all about having that feeling of friendly competition and being part of a community, between residents, care facilities and across national borders. We want to encourage older people to compete, have fun and get active at the same time. We want to focus on the abilities instead of disabilities, and we are proud to be working with communities of like-minded people, on local, governmental, national and international levels, who share a common goal in this.

In addition to our many dedicated partners, we use an international PR agency to support our efforts around Road Worlds for Seniors.

Supported by

Kopi av Kopi av VIDA Harrogate 0053

It was really great to see members of the home come together for a common goal. The enthusiasm to get on the bike to clock up the miles was a really great thing to see. The residents also really enjoyed being able to see the world from the comfort of their armchair. Being the top team in the UK really made the residents smile and feel like they had accomplished a significant goal, which they certainly did!

Bill Chapman, on behalf of the winning UK team at Galanos House
Photo  Paul Johnston

Becoming a sponsor

Join us in making Road Worlds for Seniors the biggest sporting event in the world! We are big believers in the importance of enablement and we are keen to help more seniors to become active through initiatives like the Road Worlds for Seniors. Together, we want to continue to drive this event forward, and the support of our sponsors is invaluable in helping to make Road Worlds for Seniors the largest senior-focused sporting event in the world.

Sponsorship opportunities

There are several sponsorship opportunities available, including exclusive sponsors are within the following areas; Technology & Assisted Living, Nutrition, Leisure, Wearables and Professional services

Entails Main sponsor
Exclusive sponsor
Alliance sponsor
Community impact partner*
Promotion in RWS SoMe channels Road Worlds for Seniors will actively mention and promote the cooperation and the sponsor/partner in our Social Media channels in relation to the Road Worlds for Seniors
Logo and link in RWS website Visibility with logo and link on the RoadWorlds.com website (front page).
Promotion of RWS in comms channels Entitled to promote Road Worlds for Seniors (mission, stories, benefits, events etc) and the collaboration in the partner’s/sponsor’s own communication channels.
Mention in promotional material Road Worlds for Seniors will mention the partner/sponsor in relevant promotional material, e.g. conference presentations and brochures.
Logo in digital promotional material Partner/sponsor logo in relevant digital promotional material, e.g. conference presentations.
RWS present at one sponsor’s event The Road Worlds for Seniors can be present at one partner/sponsor event.
Inclusion in official RWS press releases (when feasible) Sponsor/partner will be included in official Road World for Seniors press releases that are going out to the media. In 2019 we had an outreach potential of 28 mill people.
Logo in the official RWS promotion video Sponsor/partner will have logo present in the official Road Worlds for Seniors promotional video.
VIP access to conferences and RWS events Sponsor will get VIP access to feasible conferences and events where the Road Worlds for Seniors is present.
Logo on RWS crew outfits Sponsor will get logo on outfit (T-shirts, etc.) worn by the Road Worlds for Seniors crew.
Sponsor profile on RWS website Sponsor will have a dedicated description of their organisation on the RoadWorlds.com website.
RWS Advisory Board Sponsor will have a seat in the Road Worlds for Seniors Advisory Board.
Referred to as "powered by" partner Sponsor will be given the "powered by" credit on the RoadWorlds.com website, in digital promotional material, etc.
Logo on cyclists’ T-shirts Logo on the participants’ T-shirts.
Pitch incorporated in the official RWS promotion video Will be allowed a short pitch that is incorporated in the official Road Worlds for Seniors promotional video.
Logo incorporated in RWS logo Sponsor logo will be used as part of the Road Worlds for Seniors logo.
* Invitation only
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Sponsoring a local care facility or a specific care organisation

We collaborate with several organisations across the health and social care sector, so please don't hesitate to get in contact, should you wish to support your local team!

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