Partnerships for enablement

Together we can help more seniors to break out of loneliness and social isolation, to improve their physical health and to have fun while doing it!

And we are proud to say that the Road Worlds for Seniors is supported by several amasing organisations. Together with our partners we want to create a global movement to increase the focus on physical activity and reminiscence for people that are normally not able to take part in such initiatives.

We are working closely with key branch organisations such as Sport England, Ontario Long Term Care Association, Ageing Asia, Norges Frivilligsentraler, Care England, National Care Forum (NCF), National Activities Providers Association (NAPA), and others with the aim to promote and engage seniors to become more activity. We are proud to have the national cycling associations in Norway, UK and Canada all supporting the event. And in 2021, we also could welcome our partner THERA-Trainer as one of our sponsors. 


A very famous cyclist once said “pain is temporary and memories are forever”. Our cyclists have created memories forever. I have been in cycling for over 20 years and what we achieved was the best cycling event I have ever witnessed.

Zac Hulm, Partnership Manager at Harbison, Australia
DPR Motitech 0938

British Cycling and Sport England enabling wider participation in the annual Road Worlds for Seniors

Road Worlds for Seniors is supported by British Cycling and Sport England through a five-year partner agreement. “We are proud to be a key partner of Motitech’s cycling activity programme and the Road Worlds for Seniors”, adds Julie Harrington, British Cycling CEO.

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Becoming a sponsor or part of the movement

Join us in making Road Worlds for Seniors the biggest sporting event in the world!

We want to invite key organisations to be a part of a joint collaboration and strategic partnership. Working together with our partners and networks, as well as our many contacts in the care space, has proven to create a fruitful and successful way to enable more seniors to partake and get the benefits.

We are big believers in the importance of enablement and we are keen to help more seniors to become active through initiatives like the Road Worlds for Seniors. Through our partnerships we work to establish ways to increase opportunities that directly cater for increased physical activity, mental stimulation and social connectedness for seniors residing in aged care.

Sponsoring a local care facility or a specific care organisation

We collaborate with several organisations across the health and social care sector, so please don't hesitate to get in contact, should you wish to support your local team!

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