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Massive change in confidence

When I met Anne she was a very, very scared lady, not great at making friends. So when we introduced Anne to the bikes it was like seeing a different lady, such a massive change in her confidence. She just can’t wait to get down here and then mix with the other residents as well which, three months ago, I would never have believed. (illustration photo)

Zoe Prince, Activities Assistant at Sunrise of Winchester
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Thousands of videos - millions of memories

The key to achieve sustainable change is motivation, independent of age and functional levels. 

Motiview is designed for an ageing population to increase their health and wellbeing through physical activity, mental stimulation and social connectedness. The innovative concept uses the combination of videos of familiar roads and inspiring places together with an indoor exercise bike suited for the users.

Allying the innovative use of technology with a sense of fun and increased self-efficacy through videos that evoke memories provide an immersive experience. This creates a social norm for incorporating physical activity into their everyday lives. 

Physical benefits

There are obvious physical health benefits, including increased appetite, better sleep quality, improved mobility, fewer falls, reduction in overweight, reduction in physical pain, and in some cases less need for medications. 


Mental and cognitive benefits

There are significant mental and cognitive benefits, including more reminiscence, better self-efficacy, increased general contentment and wellbeing, reduction in anxiety and distress, and a reduction in aggressive behaviour.

Mental wellbeing
Aggressive behaviour

Social benefits

A third set of benefits evolves around social aspects, like increased social connectedness, inspiration for residents, staff and relatives. 

Social connectedness
Inspiring (residents, staff, relatives)

Staff work environment

In addition to the above mentioned benefits for the cyclists and their immediate context, data from the Road Worlds for Seniors 2019 suggests a general increase in job satisfaction, confidence and motivation for staff working at facilities participating in the Road Worlds for Seniors. There are also positive ripple effects that benefit the community; Some places older people cycling has helped to do fundraising for a charitable cause, like children’s cancer research. Only imagination limits the possibilities.

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