Who makes the best RWS knitwear?

Knitting is very good for training or maintaining fine motor skills. In addition, it is also very relaxing, while stimulating both the left and right hemispheres of the brain.

In the first years of Road Worlds for Seniors, we sent out knitting patterns for hats and headbands in the colors of the logo. This was very well received and it was knitted until the fingers were sore. The knitting also engaged more people than those who cycled and more people could therefore take part in the community in the month Road Worlds for Seniors was organised.

Now we simply pick up the thread again and invite you to a knitting competition. Who makes the best RWS knitwear!

The president of Road Worlds for Seniors, Jan Inge Ebbesvik, has wanted a knitted RWS tie for several years. Colleague Ingrid took him at his word and was finished in time, just before the kick off (see video)

The challenge is given. Who is making the funniest, nicest, best or most impressive RWS knitwear in 2022?

Creativity knows no bounds here. Use the colors in the logo, insert letters, knit leggings, bow, egg warmer - yes, anything that can be associated with Road Worlds for Seniors in one way or another.

Feel free to take photos or videos and post them along the way on social media, or send them to us.
If we get enough contributions, we will choose this year's RWS knitter :)

If you haven't signed up for this years competition yet, please do!

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