This years champions

What a fantastic championship it has been. A new record was set both in the number of registered participants (5670) and not least in the number of km cycled, 183 889! This is despite the fact that several care homes had challenges with Covid also this year!

Bruyere Village from Canada must be said to be a real cycling home with victory in both the ladies' and men's class. Along with several other strong individual results, they took the first place in the Team competition.

Behind Bruyere, there was a fierce battle for the top positions between cyclists from Australia, Norway and Iceland. Here is an overview of the top 3 in each class

Top 3 Teams

1. Bruyere Village, Canada 17 232,2 km

2. Hlid Akureyri, Iceland 10 979.4 km

3. Harbison Burradoo, Australia 9 048.2 km


Top 3 Women

1.Cycist Bruyere Village, Canada 4 397.0 km

2.Catta Myhr, Furuset Seniorsenter, Norway 2 098.3 km

3.Gerda Rene, Sosialbygget Voss, Norway 1 681.0 km


Top 3 Men

1.Norman Cote, Bruyere Village, Canada 6 718.2 km

2.Ken Judd, Galanos House, UK 3 932.0 km

3. Cyclist Bruyere Village, Canada 2 536.4 km

We'll be back with more material from this year's Road Worlds for Seniors.



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