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The history's 6th Road Worlds for Seniors is soon approaching and sign up for this year's competition is now open. The competition is free for all our customers!

Are you not a customer? Contact us for a chat.

The start is on Monday 3rd of October at 8AM local time and ends on Friday 28th of October at 4PM local time.

The competition is as much about team spirit and community as becoming world champion. We have no qualifications and focus on abilities instead of disabilities.

How it works

You need a subscription for Motiview and a bike with an odometer. Ride as many kilometers as possible on the bike during the competition period. We crown world champions for men, women and teams who receive great trophies.

The result lists are also divided into nations and age groups. So there are many opportunities to be the best in class!

Everyone who rides a bike gets their own medal and diploma!

Remember that each license counts as one team. So if you have several licenses at the same nursing home, these count as separate teams in the team competition.

Join a fantastic party with physical activity and happy cyclists, employees and relatives.

Maybe you have the world champion in your own ranks?

  • Everyone can participate
  • Everyone gets a medal
  • Feeling of mastery and personal triumphs
  • Builds team spirit and social community
Click here to sign up
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