RWS support from cycling associations

Road Worlds for Seniors represents a tremendous opportunity to challenge the notion that cycling, and physical activity as a whole, is limited by age or ability. We are thrilled to see the work that is being done by Motitech to bring this event to fruition, providing an inspiring outlet for seniors around the globe to compete and exercise both mental and physical health from the comfort of their long-term care facilities. We look forward to cheering on all participants at this year’s event.

Josh Peacock, Events and partnership manager Cycling Canada

Road Worlds for Seniors is this year supported by the national cycling associations in Norway, Great Britain and Canada.


Last year, British Cycling signed a multi-year agreement on cooperation around Road Worlds for Seniors. This year, the cycling association in Norway and Canada has also entered into a collaboration.


Read about the collaboration with British Cycling



The Covid-19 pandemic has meant that many of the major championships have been canceled this year. But Road Worlds for Seniors (RWS) is completed - thanks to encouragement from cyclists and staff at the care homes and day care centers that have been involved in the past. And there will be many great moments for everyone involved this year as well.


- It is not everyone who gets the opportunity to participate in a world championship on a bike - and certainly not when you are over 80 years old! I believe this is a great experience for many of the participants, says Secretary General of the Norwegian Cycling Federation, Eystein Stokstad.


He adds that the beauty of cycling is that it has no age limit.


- Cycling is not just the Tour de France or national championship, it is also a fantastic way for people of all ages to stay active - also those who live in care homes.

RWS History

Motitech’s Road Worlds for Seniors was first launched in 2017, and has since experienced rapid growth. We've seen increased interest and participation from older people, people with dementia and their families, care home staff and activity coordinators, and from  local, regional, national and international organisations.

2019 marked the most successful Road Worlds for Seniors competition to date, with the number of participants almost doubling from 2,400 in 2018 to 4,333. An impressive 108,412 km (67,364 miles) were travelled, with the 2018 record of 52347 km (32,527 miles) being surpassed in the first 16 days of the competition.

We crown world champions for men, women and team. I addition to Crew of the Year.

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Use Motiview

During the championship, residents use Motitech’s video concept, Motiview, to cycle through a choice of 2,000 locations on stationary bikes via a video projection that plays whilst the person pedals (with hands or feet, depending on mobility).
The combination of exercise and visual stimulation increases activity levels in older people, and gives them the opportunity to revisit familiar places from their childhoods and other important points in their lives.

This element is especially important for those who live with dementia, as it provokes fond memories of familiar locations, such as their home town, or favourite holiday location, sparking conversations that bring the memories back to life. Everyone who participates will be rewarded for their efforts with a custom made medal, with additional awards going to those who have cycled the furthest, and the care teams that have provided the best support and encouragement for their cyclists.

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