Gramps get their own champs

Gramps become champs

Story from 2019: 

What a great Championship this Road Worlds for Seniors has been! 194 teams from 7 countries; Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, Australia, Canada and UK, participated. We have experienced long queues in front of the bikes, extended opening hours at adult day care centres, meals consumed while cycling and cycle sessions early in the morning and late in the evening -even at night time!

2019 marked the most successful Road Worlds for Seniors competition to date, with the number of participants almost doubling from 2,400 in 2018 to 4,333 this year. An impressive 67,364 miles were travelled, with the 2018 record of 32,527 miles being surpassed in the first 16 days of the competition.

The champions

Award ceremonies has been taking place across the globe, with all participants receiving medals for their achievements. Prizes is awarded to the male and female global champions who, throughout the competition, cycled the longest distance. The team that cycled the longest distance was the Furuset Seniorsenter care home team in Oslo, Norway, whose 34 residents cycled an impressive 6,531 miles between them, securing themselves the title of 'World Champions Team’.

Furuset Senior Center, Norway, was from the early beginning leading the charge in the Team contest. They even had to extend their opening hours for their cyclists and keep the center open all weekend at the end! They managed to keep the lead all the way to the finish line and win the title for World Champions Team, even though Bruyere Village, Canada, was close behind. 

Norman Cotè, the 84 year old Male Champion from last year really showed his dedication this year as well. Norman was in his own league, cycling the impressive 3,303 miles during the 25 days of the Championship! This is similar to some of the stretches they do in the Tour de France! Closest to Norman was a cyclist from Lura Boas, Norway. He managed to cycle his way to the 4th place last year and silver this year! SO impressive! 

It became early in the competition for becoming this years Female Global Champion that Cathrine Myhr from Furuset Senior Center had a clear goal to get the trophy. And she definitely deserves the title with her 1,800 miles, nearly a thousand miles more than the silver medalist.

Best in UK

In the UK specifically, the most active care home was Galanos House in Southam, Warwickshire, whose 22 participants cycled an impressive 2,239 miles between them. The top five teams in the UK were:

  1. Galanos House (Royal British Legion), Southam, Warwickshire, whose 22 participants cycled 2,239 miles

  2. Heathlands Village (The FED), Manchester, whose 57 participants cycled 1,059 miles

  3. Parkhaven Court (Parkhaven Trust), Liverpool, whose 39 participants cycled 671 miles

  4. Wiltshire Heights (Porthaven), Bradford-On-Avon, whose 30 participants cycled 365 miles

  5. Sunrise of Winchester (Sunrise Senior Living), Winchester, whose 14 participants cycled 350


The oldest residents that took part in the event were both from the UK; 103-year-olds Neenah Serota and Annelise Winters from Sydmar Lodge care home in London. 

-Extremely proud

- It has really been an incredible year for the Road Worlds for Seniors participants, says Jan Inge Ebbesvik, President of Road Worlds for Seniors at Motitech.

- We are extremely proud of the residents and the support teams who took part and it is always such a surprise to see what vast distances that has been covered within such a short time. This year has been our best yet! We’ve managed to almost double the number of participants, and surpassed 2018’s final distance travelled halfway through the month. The championship is a great example of people coming together and working towards a common goal, as it encourages that much-needed social interaction and gentle exercise, which is vital as we get older. We hope to increase the number of participants even more for next years’ event and, who knows, maybe we will see our first crowned UK champion in 2020!

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