Furuset at the top again

The world champion and two other podium places - Furuset Seniorsenter has again made a strong mark under Road Worlds for Seniors.

It has become a habit to visit Furuset Seniorsenter with trophies after Road Worlds for Seniors. This year it was the World Champion title and two 3rd places to the active team just outside Oslo.

Triple world champion

Cathrine Myhr has been superb in the women's class in recent years and this year she covered 4030.8 km in the 26 competition days. A fantastic achievement that allows her to now call herself a triple world champion!

Cathrine also got a teammate on the podium after an intense finish. It was not until the last day of competition that the place was distributed. In the end, it was 3rd place on Haldis Hanvold, just behind a cyclist from Harbison in Australia and just ahead of a cyclist from Akureyri in Iceland.

The 35 eager cyclists from Furuset also covered a total of 8756 km and cycled to bronze in the team competition.


Cathrine Myhr can call herself triple world champion.

Another trophy for Geir

Geir Borge from Arna Helseheim in Norway got 3rd place in last year's edition of Road Worlds for Seniors.

This year he had ambitions to climb further on the podium. But the competition at the top is fierce. The winner was nothing to do with, but the battle for the silver was exciting for a long time.

In the end, Geir got a new bronze. A new great achievement considering that Geir only uses his arms when he rides a bike.

Celebration with trophy, troubadour and own cake was definitely in place for the lively 77-year-old who has also had his own "Wall of fame" during the championship.

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