Crew of the year 2020

The staff at CAMA Woodlands from Toronto Canada, can call themselves "Crew of the Year 2020"

- It feels amazing!  I am happy that as a staff member,  we were able to provide our residents with an experience worthy of this award. That is, an experience of trying different things, happy memories, and an excitement for Road World for Seniors 2021, says recreation therapist Lauren Walkden. 

Her colleague Ernie Yoon is also very proud.

- Thank you for choosing us as “Crew of the year”, and we’re thrilled about that. Magnificent. It made me feel proud of being a member of the team, and emotional.  

Food culture

There were many potential winners this year, but at the end CAMA Woodlands stood out. They cycled in the countries of the other competitors in the Road Worlds for Seniors and served local food from the Country they were in at that time. They been in Thailand, Germany, Australia and many more. When they were in Norway, they had “potetlefse”- typical Norwegian food. 

A great way of getting to know different countries both by visual impression (videos) and by food culture.

- We had a wide variety of food for each country, from Canadian poutine to Australian vegemite! Our dietary staff were amazing in doing this for the events twice a week! I loved seeing the reactions of residents tasting different kinds - good and bad, says Walkden. 

- Oh man, you have to see the face people made when they tasted vegemite. It was hilarious. And we also tricked people to try it saying how delicious it was lol, replies Yoon.

Confidence and relationship

Some of the highlights for the staff at CAMA Woodlands was the fact that people who often enjoyed most to be alone in their room, now came to the bike. 

- As a recreation therapist, my personal highlights were seeing so many residents make an independent effort to ask to keep biking every day. Residents who often find comfort alone in their room were asking to come for hours a day to do something physical, and converse with others! I am so grateful for Motiview being a tool for residents to build confidence and relationships with others.

The staff tells that Road Worlds for Seniors gave the residens a sense of belonging, and accomplishment. Something to look forward to each day.
- It is such a great tool to enhance quality of life. I was so proud of them, and was delightful to facilitate, says Yoon.


They both add that the Road Worlds for Seniors was a great resource to bring staff and residents together in our busy days to eat, converse and laugh.

- Now we can't  wait for the Road Worlds for Seniors 2021!

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