Best RWS in history

With over 5000 signed up cyclists, 260 teams from 11 countries, this year's Road Worlds for Seniors is the largest in the competition's 5 - year long history.

Covid-19  restrictions made the competition difficult for many this year as well, but it still did not stop the effort and commitment!

A total of 156,403 km was cycled - which is equivalent to almost 4 laps around the earth!


New and old world champions

In the class for teams, there were a total of 36 teams that cycled over 1000 km. Bruyere Village from Canada can call itself the world's best team after covering 14,271 km.

A large part of the credit goes to the mile-eater Norman Cóte. As a triple world champion, the 86-year-old had set himself the goal of defending the title for the fourth time.
To keep competitors away, he cycled a minimum of 10 hours each day and often took the night to help.

See national and international result lists here


Time zones in play

In the women's class, Cathrine Myhr from Furuset Seniorsenter in Norway defended the title she has held for the last two years. She cycled away from the others quite early, but in the battle for the other places on the podium it was very exciting.

3 cyclists fought intensely for silver and bronze during the last days of the competition. Since RWS has start and end local time in each country, Australia's hopeful, Dorothy Robinson, had to wait a full 14 hours before her competitors from Norway and Canada had crossed the finish line. 

As many as 13 cyclists cycled over 1000 km on the 26 competition days.

Top 3 Teams

1. Bruyere Village, Canada 14,271.1 km
2. Hlíð Akureyri, Iceland 11,945 km
3. Furuset Seniorsenter, Norway 8756.0 km

Top 3 Women
1. Cathrine Myhr, Furuset Seniorsenter, Norway 4030.8 km
2. Dorothy Robinson, Harbison Moss Vale, Australia 1380.5 km
3. Haldis Hanvold, Furuset Seniorsenter, Norway 1292.5 km

Top 3 Men
1.Norman Coté, Bruyere Village, Canada 6686.2 km
2. Ken Judd, Galanos House, UK 3778.6 km
3. Geir Borge, Arna Helseheim, Norway 3263.0 km

We will be back with more stories from this years fantastic Road Worlds for Seniors.

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