Australia will visit the competitors

The RWS teams from Harbison in Australia are hoping to connect with other teams participating this year. Why not explore the world together?

With 250 registered teams from 11 countries, it is of course difficult to find out where the competitors in Road Worlds for Seniors come from. But "Slow Speed Demons" will do something about this. The hope is to be able to cycle to the competitors' local videos and invite them to revisit, as well as exchange experiences.

CAMA Woodlands “visited” us via Motiview video last year and celebrated with Australia Day. We paid them a “visit” a few days later and had our own Canada Day. This year we really love to connect with other participants globally. Live or in other ways, says Janice Young from Communities & Communications at Harbison Care who has two teams participating.



CAMA Woodlands got the cyclists from Australia on the idea of a competitor visit when they cycled past last year and tagged Harbison on Facebook.

If you have a Road Worlds for Seniors team this year, and want to connect with another team, nationally or internationally, let us know and we will set you in contact with others.

Contact us here!


Started last year

During the Road Worlds for Seniors competition in 2020, CAMA Woodlands in Burlington, Ontario Canada was pedaling on with Motiview videos from many different countries. While they were pedaling on, they would celebrate that country with food, flags and fun! 

They found a nice video from the neighbourhood around the home of Harbison Care in Burradoo, Australia for the cyclists at CAMA.  So while they were pedaling around Harrbison's neighbourhood, Motitech staff suggested they reach out to say hello on social media to another team that was participating there - the mighty "Slow Speed Demons" of HarbisonCare. . CAMA Woodlands was excited to do so and tagged them on social media.

A few weeks later, Haribson returned the favour and cycled with CAMA's Motiview video in Burlington, Ontario, Canada and said hello on Facebook. They even enjoyed some Canadian delicacies - poutine and butter tarts after their workout! 

250 teams from 11 countries

When new sites begin pedaling with Motiview, we at Motitech do our best to get out to that site and make new Motiview videos for the new cyclists. Everyone around the world that has access to Motiview can then see their home and the surrounding neighbourhood. 

 This year, we have teams from 11 different countries competing - Canada, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, Finland, England, Switzerland, Israel, Australia and Singapore!

Creating an international community is something that we at Motitech are passionate about. Sharing learnings and inspiration helps sites around the world find new and innovative ideas for those they work with. Creating new, international friendships during Road Worlds for Seniors creates a fun atmosphere for the cyclists reminding them that they are taking part in something big - an international competition.

Here is an excerpt from Facebook when Harbison made a return visit to CAMA Woodlands in Canada.
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