Agnes (100) ready for RWS

- I Love cycling

Monday was a kick off for thousands of cyclists in care homes and day care centers in this year's Road Worlds for Seniors. The Corona pandemic has meant that not everyone can celebrate as they usually do, but there is always room for a little celebration.

Nearly 3000 cyclists from Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, Canada, England and Australia have so far signed up for the race where honor and glory, personal triumphs and an unforgettable social community are in focus.

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 At Siljuslåttencare home in Bergen Norway, residents gathered to start RWS with a greeting from the Prime Minister on display, champagne in the glasses and some good chocolate in the bowl.


 The most eager of them all was 100-year-old Agnes Knudsen who rides for the team "Team Smørblid" at Siljuslåtten. The buttery and witty lady was not at all unfamiliar with cycling before the championship.

She rides so much on the bike that she demanded to have her own bike in the gym when she moved to Siljuslåtten a few weeks ago.

- I was in a care home when the Corona pandemic broke out. Then I started cycling 10 minutes every day, and suddenly  I was up for 30 minutes a day. It was lovely, says Agnes who is already up to 4 km at today's session.

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Travelled a lot

Agnes was born and raised in Bergen, but has traveled a lot around the world. Therefore, she thinks it's nice to be able to travel back in time with Motiview.

- I have been to Iceland, Italy, England, Spain, America, Denmark, Sweden, yes many places. But that's a long time ago. Then it is nice to be able to cycle where you have been before. A few weeks ago I cycled in Reykjavik, Iceland.

 This is the second time Agnes is at Road Worlds for Seniors and she will do what she can to contribute.

- But you must remember that I am over 100 years old.

- We have had several participants who are much older at RWS before. Last year we had two 104-year-olds cycling.
- What? Then I'm just a child compared to them, laughs Agnes and takes a well-deserved sip of Champagne.



Agnes has been an active lady all her life. Worked until long after she retired, went on trips and paddled in a kayak. But, according to herself, she just recently found the answer of why she has been around for 100 years.

- I read a story in a weekly magazine a few weeks ago and  it said that you use all the muscles in your body when you work in the garden. And then I understood. I have stood with my butt in the air in the garden all my life!

20200907 115056

- Ahh, i love riding the bike. Makes me feel so good!

Agnes Knudsen 100 years old, Siljuslåtten sykehjem, Norway
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