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September 7th - October 2nd

Road Worlds for Seniors will be one of very few world championships that will take place in 2020- regardless of sport. So we hope that you all will be a part of it. 

If you have been participating before, you know how it works, and you also know that this will be a fantastic event with happy cyclists, staff and relatives, celebrations and personal triumphs! 

What do you need?

  • A bike with km counter
  • Motiview license (If you don't have a license, please contact us). 

Participation in Road Worlds for Seniors is completely free for our customers!

How does it work?

Cycle as many miles (km) as possible during the competition period and log them in motivew. The distance counts for each participant but also in the team competition.

Each license counts as one team. So if you have multiple licenses in the same care home/day care centre, these count as separate teams in the team competition.

We will crown:

  • World Champion for men
  • World Champion for women
  • World Champion for teams
  • Crew of the year (best support team)

The winners will get great trophies. But everyone who logs distance gets their own medal!

Everyone can participate in RWS. The competition is just as much about the community and social interaction. Pedalling 400 meters can be as impressive as 40 km.

So sign up today!

Sign up for Road Worlds for Seniors
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