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Motitech Glitre Bofellesskap 2

About Motiview

During the championship, the participants use Motitech’s video and cycling concept called Motiview. With Motiview the users get motivated by cycling through a choice of thousands of locations from around the world on stationary bikes via a video projection that plays whilst the person pedals. This gives the opportunity to revisit familiar places from their childhood and other important points in their lives, which evokes memories, provides an immersive experience and creates a social norm for incorporating physical activity into their everyday lives. 

This is especially important for those living with dementia, as it provokes fond memories of familiar locations, such as their home town or favourite holiday location, sparking conversations that bring memories back to life.

Motiview has been designed for an ageing population using motivation to increase physical, mental and social wellbeing, as it allies the innovative use of technology to a sense of fun and increased self-efficacy.

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By sponsoring the championship, you enable more people to take part. Help more seniors to break out of loneliness and social isolation, to improve their physical health and to have fun while doing it!

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